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Sunday, 1 January 2017

wealth combinations in financial astrology

It is needless to mention the importance of money and our desire for it. Though the famous 'quote' 'money can't buy everything' is a fact but money can buy most of the things is also a fact.

A rough assumption can say that money can fulfill 70% of our needs and this is why people call it liquid gold.

If we see wealth in astrology, there are very clear rules stated in vedic astrology about how much wealth a person can earn and in which way he/she can earn that money.

Almost every second person in this world is earning money. Some are earning more, some are less. In this post we are going to discuss about the yogas which carry the potential to give you a good amount of wealth or even make you millionaires and billionaires.

If you are trying to check how much wealth you are going to get, the first thing to look at your horoscope is the karaka of wealth. Karaka is a planet which specifically signifies a particular thing in life and there are different karakas for different things in vedic astrology. E.g. karaka of love is Venus, karaka of father is sun, moon for mother etc.

These are universal  karakas. Means these karakas don't vary from person to person. They are same for all.

there position and condition have a definite say on that particular matter regardless the position of other planets and yogas present in the horoscope.

The divisional charts have their own  karakas for each one of them. E.g. Venus is considered as the main karak of navamsha whereas Jupiter becomes the main karaka in saptamsha(d-7) chart.

Here, while we are taking about wealth in astrology, we will focus on the karaka of it, i.e. Jupiter.

The other planets that help in accumulation of wealth are Venus, moon and rahu. We have to primarily check the conditions of these planets.

People often tend to think that if there are exalted planets in their horoscopes, they'll get lot of money.
Well, that might not be the case. In fact, it's exactly the opposite. In financial astrology, when you have debilitated planets in certain positions in your horoscope, you are more likely to earn huge amount of money in your life. This is because of the fact that when a planet gets debilitated, it gives bad or malefic result.


But what is bad and what is not actually depends on the point of view. In ancient times, people were not so materialistic like we are now and they used to look at money as a malefic thing. That is why rules of vedic astrology is written in such a way that whenever there are debilitated planets, they will certainly hamper the specific area of life they control but 'in return' you could get so much money that you don't need to worry about wealth at least.

However it is not desirable to have debilitated Jupiter or mercury in the prospect of financial astrology.

Now, if we come to yogas, there are some yogas in vedic astrology called dhan yogas, literally means 'wealth combinations' which if occurs in your horoscope, you can get sufficient amount of money to fulfill all your desires.

But wait..

Don't get too excited. Just because you have a dhan yoga in your horoscope, it doesn't mean that you will become a multi millionaire. of course you can, but only if you have accumulated some really good karma in your past life and have some really really strong dhan yogas, because like any other yogas in vedic astrology, dhan yogas too have level of strength which depends on many factors like degrees, nakshatra, house of occurrence, aspects on that conjunction etc.

But we'll discuss about dhan yogas letter. First, let us try to understand which combinations of karaka planets that play the key role in financial astrology and bring money in your life.

If there is a conjunction between Venus and moon  in your horoscope, it is a very good combination for attracting wealth. Especially if this is happening in second or eleventh house. the native lives a luxurious life.

Another good conjunction for wealth is moon Mars conjunction. If moon and Mars are conjunct or aspecting each other, creates a good yoga for monetary gains.
Bill gates has moon and mars aspecting each other, forming an almost perfect opposition degree wise.

If jupiter and Venus conjoins each other in 2nd, 5th, 10th or 11th house it is also a good yoga for wealthy life.

Conjunction of Venus and mercury also give  decent amount of money, often comes from business.

When it comes to financial astrology, wealth or any kind of material thing, rahu plays a big role. If rahu is posited in the 11th house, it holds the potential of giving lot of money.
Not only rahu, any malefic planet in eleventh house bestows you with almost never ending wealth.

Jupiter, Venus, mercury are natural benefic planets. When these three planets are conjunct together in any of the these houses (1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th,11th) or in any of the Kendra houses (1st, 4th,7th,10th) give a lot of wealth.

These are some generic yogas  for wealth.

Now let us come to dhan yogas through house lordships.

Dhan yogas is seen through and occurs in 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th houses.

1st house is always important. It is you, the person himself. This is the most important house of the horoscope.

second house is the house of wealth.  It shows the accumulated wealth of yours. the wealth that came in inheritance through your family. In simple words, it shows your bank balance.

when we talk about wealth astrology, 5th house is important as it is one of the trine houses. It is the house of speculative business, luck in stock markets etc.

9th house is the house of luck.  How your general fate is that is seen from the 9th house. You can assume its importance in formation of dhan yoga from the fact that it called lakhsmi bhav, named after Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth.

11th house is the most important house in terms of financial astrology. 11th house is the house of incoming gains, fulfillment of your wishes and desires.

Now how does actually dhan yogas occur?

Whenever the Lord of any of the mentioned houses is present in any of the mentioned houses, it creates a dhan yoga.
Say, your 1st house Lord is sitting in 2nd or 5th or 9th or 11th house, it is creating a dhan yoga.
And then, say your 5th lord is sitting in 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th or 11th house, that creates a dhan yoga as well.
This same thing applies to the other houses as well.
Does that mean that you can have more than one dhan yoga in your horoscope?

YES! you definitely can have more than one dhan yoga.

Another good thing is dhan yoga doesn't only occur only when one of those lords is sitting in the either of the mentioned houses.
If any two house Lords take part in parivartan yoga, then it is also a very strong dhan yoga.
E.g. 5th Lord in the 9th house and 9th Lord in the 5th house.

If any two or  more of those specific house lords conjunct together, that also forms a dhan yoga.

Apart from these dhan yogas, there is also another kind of dhan yoga. That forms when any of the mentioned houses gets one sided aspect from any of the house lords. E.g. 2nd lord getting aspect from the 11th lord but it is not aspecting the 11th lord.

But this is a lower level of dhan yoga which is not as effective as the other two types.

The best kind of dhan yoga is  formed

when Lords of the 2nd and 11th houses take part in parivartan yoga, conjunct in 2nd or 11th house and is free from any bad effect of any malefic planet.

When lords of 1st,2nd,5th,9th and 11th houses are forming parivartan yoga among themselves or conjunct in any of these houses.

Apart from these houses there is one more house which can give you a lot of wealth and can make you a millionaire.

That is the 8th house.

Yes!The 8th house.

This house is one of the  malefic houses. 6th and 12th being the other two. Though 8th house is considered as the house of different kind of bad things, it plays like a game changer in financial astrology. This is the house of sudden gains like lottery, inherited wealth and wealth from in laws.

8th house is therefore called the house of unearned money in financial astrology.
e.g. if your 2nd lords and 5th lord are making conjunction in the 8th house, you can win money through lottery.

These are some wealth combination if present in your horoscope can definitely take into a very high position in terms of wealth. But you should also check the navamsha and see if some dhan yogas are present there as well before reaching to any conclusion.

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