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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Yogas for love marriage in horoscope

In the world of astro science there are many things to look for. People who come in this world, often come with lot of questions in their mind to be answered. 

One of the most common question is, are they going to do love marriage or arranged. In general most of the people want to do love marriage but this does not happen always. 

There should be yogas present in your horoscope that indicate love marriage. One thing worth noticing here is the absence of any of these yogas does not negate the probability of doing love marriage. 

हिंदी मे पढ़िए 

Here the role of the basic principle of astrology i.e. sthan, kala, patra- place, time, native comes handy. 
If you see most people of the western countries do love marriages but the divorce rate is much higher than that of a country like India.

So all these signs and yogas that are going to be discussed should be taken with grain of salt.
First, we will discuss about the yogas that are present in the horoscope which can indicate love marriage. You need to check few plants, the ascendant Lord, fifth Lord, seventh Lord, moon and Venus.

Let  us start with some general yogas first.

If moon and Venus is combined together in your horoscope, there is a good possibility of love marriage. Especially when it occurs in 1st, 2nd,5th,7th or 11th house. Moon represents your mind in astrology and Venus signifies love. 

And when these two energies meet in your horoscope there is a clear indication that your mind wants to experience the magic, romance and all the extraordinary happiness people feel when they fall in love.

This combination to fructify, the conjunction should not be joined or aspected by any malefic planet.

Another popular combination for love marriage is Venus and Mars combination. Astrologers often consider it as a strong indicator of love marriage.
Actually whenever Venus and Mars get combined together they make the native very passionate and escalates the sexual energy and urges as well. 

This is particularly true when this combination occurs in Gemini, Leo or Scorpio. And for this reason native wants to fall in love and the affection often gets converted in to love which eventually leads to marriage.

Rahu plays a very important role in love marriage. Rahu is illusion, rahu is materialistic, rahu is greedy. Whenever rahu gets connected with Venus, mars it definitely takes the native towards all sorts of materialistic pleasures.

Now, we are coming to the combination of lordships. Remember the houses that are necessary to be checked for love marriage. They are 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th and 11th house.

1st house and its Lord are always important as the first house is the person himself. The condition of the first house and its Lord shows the mental and physical condition of the native. How he is connected to this world, what his interests are, what he wants to achieve. That's why 1st house plays a very significant role in the determination of the possibility of love marriage.

Now let us come to the second house. 

Second house is the house of relations. More of relation between two families. It is kind of stamp of the society. If any of the combinations stated above occurs in the second house, it can signify love marriage.

5th house is the house of relationship, mainly romantic and fun relationships. Condition of the fifth house and its Lord show how many relationships the native is likely to get into. 

The stated combination when occurred in fifth house can greatly indicate the chance of love marriage.
If the lord of the fifth  house gets combined with the Lord of the seventh house in any house, it shows the possibility of love marriage. one can say that possibility of the native don't love marriage is 70%. And of this combination happens in either 1st, 5th, 7th or 11th house the chance is even higher.

If the 5th lord and 7th lord take part in a parivartan yoga i.e. 5th lord goes in the 7th house and the 7th lord goes in the 5th house, it also strongly signifies the probability of love marriage.

Seventh house is the house of long lasting relationship, partnership that's why it is  called the house of marriage. 

While 5th house shows the romance factor, seventh house denotes the true potential of a relationship. if seventh Lord is in conjunction with the fifth Lord and eleventh Lord, there is a definite chance of love marriage.

And then comes the Eleventh house. 

Eleventh house is the house of gains, fulfillment of wishes. Therefore it plays a very important role in love marriage. If the eleventh Lord joins the conjunction of fifth Lord and seventh Lord or the conjunction happens in the eleventh house itself, it only magnifies the chances of love marriage.

These are the few main conjunction that are responsible for love marriage. If you are checking for the conjunction of the planets, make sure you check their degrees too. 

Degrees are very very important to determine how strong or weak a conjunction is. Closer the planets stronger is the conjunction. If any two or more planets are Within one degree of each other, it creates exact conjunction. 
If planets are within 5 degrees, it is a close conjunction. Even within 10 degrees, conjunctions are strong but anything occurs after 10° starts losing its power immensely.
If the planets are not in conjunction but aspecting each other with mutual aspect, it also higher the chances of love marriage.

In this aspect,  you just cannot ignore the role and importance of navamsha. Navamsha is represented by various people in various ways. 
Some say that if the rashi chart is tree then navamsha is its fruits, some  say that if rashi chart is tv then navamsha is its signal. 

Whichever way you want to put it, the fact is that navamsha plays a very important role in vedic astrology without a single bit of doubt.

When it comes to love marriage, you would definitely want to have a close look at navamsha as well along with the rashi chart. In navamsha also, the yogas of love marriage should be present. If there are no yoga of love marriage forming in the navamsha chart but present in the rashi chart, there lies a possibility that two people might love each other very much but due to some circumstances their love could not convert into marriage.


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